About Sophie

I’m a people person. Actually, I’m a dog person… but dogs can’t buy or sell homes. They do make homes better though! I can attest to that. Ok enough about dogs, let’s talk about real estate. I love exploring unique and charming homes, discovering new streets and tucked away views, and negotiating the best deal for my clients. But it’s the relationships that I form with the people I meet in real estate that I appreciate most.

Purchasing or selling a home is a big deal and it is very much a unique one in these parts of town. My priority is to make sure you feel confident, informed and most of all supported throughout the process. My local knowledge and experience, along with the strong relationships I’ve formed with the residents and local agents is an asset in every transaction. I take pride in going above and beyond for my clients.

My love for Topanga

I was five years old when my family moved here from Inglewood, and I will never forget that feeling of pure elation as we clambered out of the van and into our new Topanga home. The home didn’t have insulation, heat or even a key to the front door. It was actually a converted barn with a terrible septic system and a rodent problem. But it was magical. And it had the best garden ever. Sloping hillsides covered in oak, pepper, and eucalyptus trees. Pet chickens, rope swings and the perfect backdrop for home movies with my sisters. With Topanga, it was love at first sight.

Fast forward to today, that feeling of infatuation for my home has not faded. I am a passionate and active member of the community. In 2023, I became the chairperson of fundraising for the Topanga Community Center, a local nonprofit dedicated to maintaining the TCC for all.

What Fuels My Passions

When I’m not working, you will find me on the many local trails with my two dogs, Gia and Puma, bumping into friends and neighbors at a local coffee shop, playing with clay, or spending time with my growing family (proud auntie to four Topanga babes!). I am a homebody but I also love to travel. I lived in Costa Rica for three years and love the “pura vida” life-style down there. I also love road tripping all around California. But usually, I can be found at my office, just above Cafe 27, typing furiously into my laptop.

Let's Connect

Whether you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Topanga, Malibu, or West LA area,
are looking for a lease, or just want the scoop on the best hiking trails in town, please reach out. You can also follow me on instagram @sophiezeiler to see upcoming listings and all things Topanga.