Your Local Guide to Topanga Real Estate

Sophie Zeiler knows Topanga, and in a canyon as unique and offbeat as ours, local knowledge is everything. Having grown up here, and with over $65 million sold, Sophie is focused on making the home buying or selling process as smooth, exciting and profitable for her clients as possible. She prides herself in being a trusted ally for her clients and goes above and beyond for them in every transaction.

Topangans don’t just share a zip code, they share a love of the mountains, an appreciation for charming homes, and a tight-knit community that feels like family. If you’ve fallen in love with the Santa Monica Mountains and want to call it home, Sophie can help you find your place in the canyon. With deep local knowledge and her whole heart in the community, Sophie Zeiler is the best agent for Topanga Canyon.

Recently Sold Homes

  • 1551 Penny Rd – $2,550,000
  • 1521 N Topanga Canyon – $2,345,000
  • 120 Upper Lake Rd – $2,310,000
  • 21338 Colina Dr – $2,309,000
  • 602 Del Norte Rd – $2,100,000
  • 1362 Old Topanga Canyon – $1,900,000
  • 2740 Marquette Dr – $1,850,000
  • 1521 N Topanga Canyon – $1,850,000
  • 1333 Old Topanga Canyon – $1,820,000
  • 19911 Valley View Dr- $1,637,500


I’m a people person. Actually, I’m a dog person… but dogs can’t buy or sell homes. They do make homes better though! Ok enough about dogs, let’s talk about real estate. I love exploring unique and charming homes, discovering new streets and tucked away views, and negotiating the best deal for my clients. But it’s the relationships that I form with the people I meet in real estate that I appreciate most.

Purchasing or selling a home is a big deal and it is very much a unique one in these parts of town. My priority is to make sure you feel confident, informed and most of all supported throughout the process. My local knowledge and experience, along with the strong relationships I’ve formed with the residents and local agents is an asset in every transaction. I take pride in going above and beyond for my clients. Read More…


  • “Sophie is an incredible real estate agent and a wonderful person. She was the perfect agent in every sense — she had an intuitive sense of what we would want to see, and contacted us immediately when anything in the ballpark went on the market. Her speed and tenacity meant we always had a leg up when making an offer. She was incredibly patient through a home-shopping and home-buying process that lasted for more than a year and a half. She is a tireless ally and genuinely invested in her clients happiness. We cannot recommend her highly enough.”

    - BILL H.
  • "I can't say enough good things about Sophie. The entire buying process was handled extremely professionally. She had just the right amount of aggressiveness and grace to get the purchase done with ease. She was very quick at responding to all communications and getting to the bottom of difficult or stubborn situations. I think Sophie has grit, charm and a lot of integrity as an agent. I would definitely recommend her and the team at Snyder Sutton."

    - HEATHER T.
  • "The competition was fierce for our property and we were not even the highest offer; however, between Sophie's insider knowledge and her deep connections in the community, we somehow pulled it off and had our offer accepted."

    - PATRICK M.
  • "Sophie is exceedingly knowledgeable about the area. Both of the nuances plus the general vibe. But what truly sets Sophie apart and above the rest is her character and personality: passionate, enthusiastic, caring and full of integrity. She really made my housing search pleasant and smooth. Just a phenomenal experience start to finish. I would highly recommend."

    - BOB N.
  • "Sophie is the best Real estate Agent ever!! She is extremely knowledgeable, and if she doesn't know an answer she will find it! She is also very kind and compassionate with the process of buying a home. We were very pleased with our buying experience!"

    - MAUREEN A.
  • "Sophie gathered housing information from varying markets and represented our house perfectly to attract a buyer from outside our local Westlake Village area. She created a niche market based on the unique attributes of our house style and price point that immediately attracted buyers from outside the area. We had multiple strong offers within one week of an open house. Sophie is creative, attentive, knowledgeable and it’s a bonus that she has unbelievable energy."

    -JILL C.
  • "Sophie is more than an amazing realtor - she is an amazing person. My fiancé and I are so used to having to be so skeptical of what people say and whether or not you can trust them, in our home search, and with Sophie, we realized we could trust every word and every bit of advice she gave us. It was incredibly refreshing, and we really miss having a reason to call her every 5 minutes! We feel very lucky to have worked with Sophie, and to have become friends. If you're looking for someone to help you find a home in Topanga, Sophie knows the area and the community inside and out."

    - KATE M.
  • "Sophie Zeiler was TERRIFIC. Best agent I've ever dealt with. Really professional. Really quick to get back to me. And a genuinely nice person. She dealt with any problems that came up during Escrow very efficiently, and always had our best interests at heart. I would recommend her to anyone."

    - TIM A.